Beyond the Trials of You

by Of Silence and Sound

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"Beyond the Trials of You" is a collection of songs inspired by love, life, and the loss of friendship. Lush orchestrations evoke a wide spectrum of moods, from the melancholy of "Alone", the energy of "Weakness", the down to earth sensibilities of "Rainy Days", to the quietude of "Echodream".


released December 31, 2002

Written, performed, and produced by Jorge Martinez except: Lead guitar on "Rainy Days" written by Drew Simchik, backing vocals performed by Kristen Pardun. Additional guitars on "Where Have My Friends Gone?" written and performed by David Wirth.



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Of Silence and Sound Portland, Oregon

“sweetly brooding pop... hanging guitars, overlapping loops and hypnotic grooves...”
- Mark Barton, Losing Today

“he has taken the post-rock instrumental as a starting point and composed some fragile and atmospheric songs over that backing”
- Feedback Issue 74

“tales of heartbreak and despair... often times recalling Luna and the early brooding Hood material”
- Chris McFarlane, IndiePages
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Track Name: Alone
I feel so alone
like there's no one real
in this world

and you
make me feel so alone
like there's no one else
in this room

and I
feel like I'm far from home
too many people
too little hope

and you'd
rather I disappear
because to you
it's like I'm not here
Track Name: Romance is Dead
Love's gone wrong somewhere along the way
and gone are the days of smiles and stares
a rose may replace the blank look on her face
but she'd rather be with someone else instead

When you've travelled the world to find the right thing
hoping to find ways you've never seen
but no one finds their way to you
romance is dead

And no matter what I do
Can't keep myself from thinking
of the times we used to know
of the places we would go
And everytime I talk with you
Can't keep myself from feeling
That what we had was something good, and now it's gone

My girl, I hope that you're in love, and he with you
'cause there's hardly a man who's good and true
and I've never found another girl like you
my passion is dead
Track Name: Rainy Days
look outside the rain is fallin'
I can't believe the day's almost gone by
the cats are sleepin' underneath the bed
and the clouds are looking kinda sad

the sun is gone and the windows seem to cry
they miss the golden rays of light
I don't know how long this is gonna stay
wish it would all just fade away

and through it all I don't know what to say
both the sky and my heart have turned gray
I need some of love's sunshine sent my way
I don't need another rainy day
Track Name: Start of Things
feels like the start of things
breathing something new
the best uncertainty
to put me in this mood

feels like the start of things
I've never known before
I cut my strings
when I leave out that door

this is the start of things
that make me want to live
breaking every wall
in me

feels like the start of things
I've never known before
I become real
when I leave out that door
Track Name: Weakness
when I first met you
we only talked for an hour
but by then I knew
that you were something special

you were here only a while
and though we promised to each other we'd be in touch
what I really wanted was
to be together until the end of time

and when I see you
I start feeling
like an eagle
soaring to the sun

I will not lose you
you're my weakness
you are the only one
who makes me feel this way

I'm going crazy
I'm going crazy
In the picture that you sent
you looked so sexy

I wish you weren't so far away
I think about you always
I feel powerless
I need you with me
Track Name: Echodream
you are everything to me
you mean everything to me
there's nothing else left to see
the world is empty

and maybe the stars are lonely
but humming sweetly for you and me
the sky's our cover - and pillow leaves
the world is free for you and me

the world is free for you and me
Track Name: Where Have My Friends Gone?
it seems as though my friends have gone
been waiting here for long
I left a message on their phone
but no one ever calls

Every single day goes by
and no one comes around
I don't know where my friends have gone
I just sit here all day long

and I don't know
I don't know
oh no

Remember all the things we've done
yeah we had so much fun
Remember all the late night talks
and staring at the moon

But every single day goes by
and I sit here in my room
we used to share our dreams before
where did they all go?

I don't know...
Track Name: Given Up
One of these days, when your heart's in the ground
and you feel like you've lost, and you've given up

One of these days, when you've got nowhere to go
you'll know what it's like to be me

One of these days, when you give it all you've got
you think that you've won, but you're only second best

One of these days, when you've lost hope in it all
you'll know what it's like to be me

cause the days just keep going by, and nothing changes.
cause the days just keep going by, and nothing's better.
cause the days just keep going by, and nothing happens.
cause the days just keep going by, and nothing matters.